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My Rottweiler is not just a pet he is a family member. The kids love to play with him and he loves everyone he meets. I take him up to the VA hospital and sit on the bench outside. Everyone who passes pets him and tells me how beautiful and gentle he is. The first time he went there with us he had never seen a motorized wheelchair but he paid it no mind and just enjoyed everyone petting him.

I love my Rottweiler! He is loyal and brave and is able to protect my family while being loving and gentle. He’s always glad to see me and always wags his little tail and gives doggie kisses when we’re feeling down.


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4 Responses to “My Rottweiler Is Not Just A Pet He Is A Family Member”

  1. Aravinth Kumar says:

    Hi I have watched all of your videos and I would like to have a Rottweiler.
    Just want to know are they dangerous?Thank you.

  2. Derek Jeter says:

    If you give love to Rottweilers = Rottweilers will die for you without
    hesitating one second.

  3. Angel Jain says:

    Very true …. 🙂

  4. Angel Jain says:

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