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Finally watched it, it was really hilarious; I’m sure your video’s gonna go viral. Puppy is so adorable, always loving it.

Not sure what Eva’s 5 day old puppy was dreaming about but it was way too cute!! We thought she woke herself up at one point, but she fell right back to sleep and into the dream.

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5 Responses to “Newborn Puppy Has A Bad Dream”

  1. Amyas Collazo says:

    Wake it up next time. Dick

  2. Darken NoShinka says:

    stop laugh at the poor baby

  3. alice velasquez says:

    I agree Mia! She was so pitiful but at the same time, so adorable!! <3

  4. Kawaii Mia says:

    Omg I felt sorry for it but now it’s adorible

  5. Kaylee Stone says:

    so cute

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