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Rottweiler’s make wonderful companions, if you have one, you are rewarded with a true friend. They are not just a best friend for today, they are a friend for life. They just need to feel that they are safe with you so that they will give you the feelings in return.  I absolutely adore Rottweiler’s because they are naturally protective – no need to train. They do well with children also and that’s amazing.

Hank mingling with some pretty cool pooches at the dog Park in Shoreline WA…Welcome to Brett’s channel, home of Hank and Brutus Rottweiler brothers! We shoot raw, bold, uploads of us meeting new dogs and people as well as having fun!
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5 Responses to “Rottweiler A Friend Of All”

  1. starion rule says:

    I cant let my dog of the lead in public, he attacks everything on four legs

  2. pluto40217 says:

    Damn your dog park is nice!

  3. Cars says:

    I completely love the stance of a rottweiler.

  4. gkraychik says:

    Thanks for the upload. Great dogs, great dog park.

  5. 20PINKluvr says:

    More like malamutes than huskies

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