Rottweiler Can Be Rather Aloof And Does Not Accept Strangers Easily


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The rottweiler can be rather aloof and does not accept strangers easily. They are very loyal and protective of their owners and will defend their home “area”. They are normally good natured with children but because of their size and energy level are not recommended for families with very small children. In addition to this, this breed of dog is extremely devoted and loves to work hard. Their behavior portrays them to be self-confident, stable, and brave. Rottweilers have an amazing quality of alertness. With their relaxed, confident, and daring personality, the Rottweiler breed comes off as extremely self-assured.

Rottweiler was originally bred in German as a working dog to helping the farmer to herd a livestock. Overtime this dog is also use as a guard dog and watch dog because of their high protective sense and courageous. Lately Rottweiler breed become notorious for their ability to injure or even kill human and in some country Rottweiler is considered illegal to keep. This dog is not suitable for a first time dog owner.

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