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I find this video very interesting because it’s not just about feeding a dog it’s all about their behavior and training them not to be aggressive around feeding time. So I would definitely say that this video is worth watching.

My Rottweiler Capone doesn’t have a Food Aggression behavior, it’s important to take the time to train your dog at a young age this will be a big help when your dog is older and you don’t have to worry about an accident with anybody that would try to take his food away or bite a person that is walking close to him/her while they are eating. I hope this was helpful please leave a comment if you want me to do a full tutorial on how to fix a dog with food aggression. thank you for watching.

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5 Responses to “Rottweiler Food Aggression”

  1. Cristian Barberena says:

    I dont think thats case, he probably hurt his paw playing around & you didn’t notice it or during a walk something probably got between his paw, laid him on the floor and see if there’s something in between his paws. when I took Capone on one of many walks to the trail I did notice that he wasnt walking properly so when I got home I check his paw and he had a big cut I call then vet and told me to use Neosporin and wrap it one a bandaged he was fine after two days.

  2. Alberto Campos says:

    Bad one. Do you have any idea what could be wrong? Or has anything like this ever happened to Capone. My biggest fear is hip or elbow displasia

  3. Alberto Campos says:

    this morning I took my puppy for a walk and I noticed he had a bit of a limp, I just shrugged it if and forgot about it. But later my mom called me and told me that he did not get up from the floor to greet her like he always does. And now when he walks it is really evident that he has a problem with his left front leg. He limps but doesn’t cry until just right now when he jumped for a toy and landed he cried and just threw him self to the floor. He also used three legs too pee and lifted the

  4. Cristian Barberena says:

    I see, Capone doesn’t react like that to others, tell your family members to try to do this so he can also understand that is not only you that he needs to act submissive but to everyone else in the family as well.

  5. Alberto Campos says:

    Lol it was scary cause this is the first time I seen that side of him. But evverything you said I can do, I do thus during training I’ll put a treat or whatever on the floor and he cannot touch it, he gives me eye contact untill I say get it. And I can also take any food from him without a problem. But if anyone else tries to do it, he will not be happy about it

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