Rottweiler Is A Very Powerful Dog And Extremely Protective


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A Rottweiler is a very powerful dog and extremely protective. They need a lot of exercise daily with a minimum of one hour per day which may include long walks/jogs, playing fetch or playing games. Too little exercise may hamper the growth of this breed and can cause problems in their joints. They are fearless dogs and react to their surrounding with great alertness. They have a genetic guarding instinct and irresponsible ownership or lack of socializing may have an additional risk factor. It is for this reason that they need proper training and socialization.

Playing in the garden. Mad Beautiful Rottweiler Playing

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3 Responses to “Rottweiler Is A Very Powerful Dog And Extremely Protective”

  1. GZJ89 says:

    Nice rott, Check mine out

  2. LegallyBlonde05 says:

    Your’s looks a little bit chunky too, it could be that he is just stocky.

  3. LegallyBlonde05 says:

    I think yours is fatter, the GZJ89’s is prettier.

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