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Rottweiler plays brick hockey. Rottweiler are so big and powerful, The most important to those owner of a Rottweiler dogs  it’s important to provide them with the necessary obedience and socialization training as soon as possible.   Any dog with kind of size that shows signs of being nervous, shy, hyperactive, excitable or any other undesirable traits should be avoided.

Mans best friend playing with a… brick? Yes, a brick. It’s her favorite thing! We think she is trying to impress us with her herding abilities.. If we go in the house she’ll stop after a few minutes, but if we’re outside she chases the bricks for hours. Every so often she’ll look up at you as if to say “you’re getting all this, right?!”


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2 Responses to “Rottweiler Plays Brick Hockey”

  1. Seth Jones says:

    HOLY CRAP yours is doing the same thing mine did. See the video reply I
    just posted. Has yours by chance broken glass objects and carried around
    the pieces, or hops fences into gardens and leaves construction buckets in
    the middle of your gardens, or any other really crazy mannerisms?

  2. Nikki Cyr says:

    Too funny! Well, she does the same thing with large rocks, logs and ice
    chunks… And she likes to lay ON the flowers in our gardens haha. Luckily
    I’ve never seen her play with glass. My friend has a theory that since
    rotties were bread to be herding dogs that she is trying to “herd” the

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