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Rottweiler plays with her puppies. My puppies and their mother look healthy and well fed, their coats should are shiny and clean.  I always Check teeth and gums to be sure the teeth are white and gums are pink. My Rottweiler is a very calm and confident dog, who has a strong desire to protect his home and family.  She can  affectionate to extremely aloof, while rarely shy or highly excitable.  She is also very intelligent, which makes training more of a natural process than most other breeds.

By the end of this session The Rottweilers looked like they went thru Basic Training or Infantry School. thanks to the voices of cadence.


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5 Responses to “Rottweiler Plays With Her Puppies”

  1. Nick smith says:

    How old are they in this Vid?

  2. Hoss Von South Dakota Rottweiler says:

    Andy Do you have AKC papers and where are you

  3. Gary Rotties says:

    Beautiful cute puppies!!

  4. Ricardo Buenaño says:
  5. Slap-u-silly says:

    Rotties are the best

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