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We all know that Rottweiler has a muscular, massive and powerful dog. However this type of dog is intelligent and trainable. We just need to exert an effort so that we can provide a muscular and powerful dog but a very talented and intelligent dog. That is very important because it drives that whole package to your dog if he possessed the qualities that the dog should have. We can never tell if you this type of dog you will be famous.

Brutus barking wanting his toy, what’s new, lol. This time Hank joins in a lil bit.
It almost looks as if Hank thinks Brutus is barking too close to my dogs and I so he is watching over Brutus’s shoulder, lol.


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5 Responses to “Rottweiler Possessed The Qualities That The Dog Should Have”

  1. MDthornton83 says:

    Rottweilers are awesome.

  2. Nick Hall says:

    There so awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. brettvett1 . says:

    yes, as far as i know…people stop me in the streets and say he is
    purebred German style

  4. Nick Hall says:

    Are both of them German Rottweiler

  5. brettvett1 . says:

    yes, look at their massive size heads

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