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I really wish all the dogs in the world will have home like my little touch.  Just such loving dogs and I really love them.

Kates Rottweiler puppies From Arendal Norway. 2009. Please share to your Facebook Friends.

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5 Responses to “Rottweiler Puppies Having Fun”

  1. Mrzjasuu says:

    i think that if you even care about your dog, you dont go around and cut his/hers tail off for christ sake! and rottweilers look better if they got theyre tail

  2. amtzguyable says:

    Its called a bowl dumb ass

  3. Ricardo Junior says:

    tenhu um que ro aprender a criar

  4. woerink says:

    Sure, if i cut your finger now, you won’t suffer from it 1 month after. No pain at all. Just the memory of a finger you once had. You should cut your pinky because it’s just as useless as, following your trait of thought, a dog’s tail.

  5. Adam19822000 says:

    The American ones also pretty much never have tails

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