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I fell in-love with these very cute Rottweiler Puppies. If I could just jump-into this video, I would definitely take one and bring it at home lol xoxo.  Thanks for uploading this video; it’s just lovely to watch.

Puppies by Helga V.H Falconsnest and Cojak V.H Falconsnest, beautiful chunky pups.

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5 Responses to “Rottweiler Puppies”

  1. alex johnson says:


  2. Wooly Bear says:

    cuteness overload!

  3. tigerg33 says:

    I love when they keep their tails

  4. Derek Jeter says:

    Beautiful loyal breed

  5. microtechmachineshop says:

    very nice, i like them alot more with the tail

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