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Rottweiler is dreaming puppy days, hope you guys like it and thank you for watching.

HAHAHA very cute, Rottweiler pups are so clumsy its so funny to watch. Honestly, I like the video.

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5 Responses to “Rottweiler Puppy Dreaming”

  1. Cristian Barberena says:

    Thanks I’m glad you enjoy the video. 

  2. Miss pretty paws says:

    So cute

  3. Cristian Barberena says:

    Some how it was showing as a “spam” comment, but I’m glad you enjoy the video.

  4. Cristian Barberena says:

    Check out my video tittle “Rottweiler home protecting test” is in my #Rottweiler #Playlist I remember you ask for it so that was for you, thank you for watching.

  5. MsFRANCO30 says:

    Funny i like the videos…

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