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This can be consider a great time to be training your Rottweiler and showing him some great social skills.  This must be watched.

Rottweiler training is crucial for this type of dog breed, it’s important to socialize your Rottweiler with everything that you would interact on a day to day basics, my Rottweiler Capone never had a chance to sniff or by close to this, and since my girl and I’m still planing to have a family is better to introduce our Rottweiler at a young age.

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5 Responses to “Rottweiler Training”

  1. Cristian Barberena says:

    Thanks for the feed back I will def. do that, unfortunately I’m away from home right now so that’s why I been doing my GoPro videos lately but as soon as I get back home I will do training/tips on how to work your your dog/pet specially on a breed like that #Rottweiler. Once again thank you for watching and the support.

  2. Cristian Barberena says:

    No problem man, Hope this helps cause it def work for me, please make sure to check out my other video title “socializing a Rottweiler” on my Rottweiler playlist on my channel and let me know what you think. I have a lot of cool videos of Capone my Rottweiler hope you enjoy them take care.

  3. zMenace2Society says:

    Yo Thanks for the insight, I think im going to try this method for future references for my Pitty and Rotty. By The Way beautiful family member man very healthy Rotty.

  4. Cristian Barberena says:

    I have a few on my Rottweiler playlist check it out. I used to have plenty on my HD but it got damage so unfortunately I don’t have any more of them. But I will try to repair the HD hopefully I can still get my data back. Thank you for watching and take care.

  5. Cristian Barberena says:

    No I haven’t really thought about a wifey yet for Capone but I’m sure Capone can’t wait for that, thank you for watching take care.

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