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Rottweilers are unconditionally loyal to their handlers and their families and will defend them and their property to the end. They are protective and brave, and like many other dogs, can be jealous if attention is given elsewhere. Temperaments can however vary: some being independent, aloof and less-friendly, others being outgoing and gregarious with everyone. So please choose your puppy carefully! Please remember that some Rotties can be aggressive and, as such, are unsuitable for timid or unconfident owners.

Zues does some random tricks including: Hugs & kisses, shake with left and right paw, lay, play dead, hold a treat in his mouth, army crawl, and some other cool tricks.

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5 Responses to “Rottweilers Are Unconditionally Loyal To Their Handlers”

  1. socomsgh says:

    Did that dog seriously just hold a treat in its mouth and not eat it… wow

  2. TheMattd546 says:

    haha. yeah it took my rottie a little bit to listen but I got my rottie to
    hold the treat until I say OK then she eats it. rotties are so awesome

  3. magicta3rees says:

    more than wow dude , good work 🙂

  4. Bory Gnet says:

    Awesome Dog. I want to train mine to be just as amazing.

  5. KruegerCandy says:

    @Samawiiiii My best advice would be too offer him some toys, let him do
    what he wants. Try to pet him when he’s eating. And make sure to show him
    affection whenever he is comfortable around you. He is most likely scared
    in a new environment. Give him some time, he should be okay sooner or
    later, just introduce yourself to him slowly and gently. During this period
    make sure not to scare him with any loud noises, chasing him, or forcing
    him to do anything. Let me know how it works out. Good luck~!

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