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Very nice, Zoey is a lucky girl -☺ She’s has such a sweetheart. I love you dogs ever and I’m preparing myself cause I have a Rottie coming. This is how most Rottweiler’s behave around children.  When the dog is loved and cared for in a family environment they make the best pets and will play with and protect the children.

This video was taken today, Thursday, 26Nov09 of my almost 4 yr old granddaughter, Kaelyn, my male rottie,Tex who will be 3 yrs. old in January and Ellie who is 1 1/2 yrs. old. The original video was taken Dec ’07 so I decided to take a new one and include Ellie who I purchased 1 1/2 after the original video. You can see in the video that they even listen to a 4 yr. old!!



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5 Responses to “Rottweiler’s Behave Around Children”

  1. karlitos saiyan says:

    Lol this was a cute vid they listen to her while she was feeding them she
    keeps growing up with them they will not let anyone hurt her

  2. RottLuv says:

    Both my rotties are under 100#’s and in great shape. My grand daughter is
    also slim. But I do thank you for your concern! 🙂

  3. surrynet says:

    @KoalaSnufflies You are exactly right. Rottweilers are notorious for
    gaining weight if not kept on a healthy diet. My Rottie only eats Blue
    Buffalo Natural Holistic dog food. He is 2 years old and he is 105 lbs. I
    keep him slim, easier on their joints because Rotties are Prone to get
    Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). RottLuv NO JUNK FOOD !!!

  4. Mez Dogg says:

    beautiful gentle dogs. she is good with them too! shes got two guardians
    for life! i have a rottie also and a white shepherd. check out my channel,
    sure you’ll like it! my most popular one is A Day In The Life Of Kimbo.
    nice video!

  5. MrCookiesandviolence says:

    that child and dogs are prolly going to grown up fat

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