Rottweilers Should Be Properly Socialized To Different Ages And Trained


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Rottweilers should be properly socialized to different ages and trained. Your rottweiler will be a loving friend. They are very intelligent animals and therefore need to be stimulated and exercised. If you do not give them intellectual challenges to keep them entertained, they will find ways of their own to entertain their mind which may not always be in line with what you wish to have happen in your home. If you have done it all your Rottweiler dog will surely not prone into sickness and will have a good health. You can less the time of going to your Vet.

How to kid a sweet Rottweiler. These dogs are considerate as aggressive and dangerous.

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5 Responses to “Rottweilers Should Be Properly Socialized To Different Ages And Trained”

  1. lubbockboy1 says:

    I have a female Rottie who is a 90lb lap dog, sweet and feminine as she can
    be. Most people who have owned Rottweilers will rave about what good dogs
    they are. Irresponsible owners who have encouraged their dogs to be
    aggressive are the reason there is prejudice against Rottweilers. These
    dogs want more than anything else to please their owners, they’ll be any
    kind of dog you want them to be.

  2. Niek Aalderink says:

    Rottweilers are actually very playful and friendly, I used to own one
    myself. Most of the people here were scared of it and assumed it was
    agressive but it was the sweetest rottweiler ever. God I miss that dog…

  3. Fabian Pacheco says:

    @lubbockboy1 yeah any dog who is trained to fight and be agressive can and
    will be. not just rottweilers. if ppl trained labs golden retreivers or
    dalmations to be agressive they would be.

  4. LeeAnne B Averyheart says:

    Too cute. I LOVE rottweilers.

  5. krayzeejojo says:

    0:48 “Y u no stop already?”

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