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They are such special dogs and they love their human(s). I cried when I heard and watched the video. I just realized how great Rotties are and I am wishing to have one in my house. This has to be one of the best videos I have seen involving a rottweiler. Fantastic video. Its an A+ from me.  It was a labor of love! Rottweilers are pretty special dogs.

My Bowser learned everything I taught him so fast!. A great Rottweiler spends the day with his boy and have fun together. I even did the video all by myself.


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5 Responses to “Special Rottweiler Dogs And They Love Their Human(s)”

  1. noeat hamburger says:

    Yeah,…definitely a very dangerous dog! Almost ripped her hand off : )

  2. Kent FreshGames says:

    I love rotties! They are so gentle but protective. I just hate that they
    have a bad rap 🙁 bad people make bad dogs. Same for pit bulls.

  3. Barn MetalSnakes says:

    WHAT A GORGEOUS PUP!!!!!! omg!!! i love the light coloring 😀 so beautiful
    and brainy :D

  4. Nicodemisjones says:

    nice pup

  5. plastikbiker says:

    one trick is missing: eat this cat, good boy, good boy 🙂

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