Rottweiler Playing

[uvc-youtube id=”X2bGg_y8Vs0″ width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″] The commander and chief Rottweiler family at play. Rottweiler, always allow him to socialize with other dogs and people once in a while. This is a very effective way to ensure he won’t develop aggression session against visitors and other dogs in future.Rottweiler experts advise that the best time […]

[uvc-youtube id=”ujYMCrx2Qu4″ width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″] My Rottweilers reunited. My Rottweilers are strong and true with a loving heart. My Rotties are also calm and confident. They are typically a loof toward strangers, but never timid or fearful. My Rottweilers exhibit a “wait-and-see” attitude when confronted with new people and situations. Training a rottweiler puppy is basically the […]

[uvc-youtube id=”MujY8BpyarI” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″] Rottweiler plays brick hockey. Rottweiler are so big and powerful, The most important to those owner of a Rottweiler dogs  it’s important to provide them with the necessary obedience and socialization training as soon as possible.   Any dog with kind of size that shows signs of being nervous, shy, […]

[uvc-youtube id=”qxqy5gMciHw” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″] My Rottweiler playing with a stick. My Rottweiler can be, they aren’t the dog for everyone. He must not only be dedicated to training and socializing with other people or dog, As an owner must also deal with people who don’t understand the breed and pre-judge it. Because of bad […]

[uvc-youtube id=”H5KNtyenWX8″ width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″] Rottweiler and Great Pyrenees playing in the snow. My Rottweiler provides with leadership he can trust and respect without resorting to anger or physical force. Otherwise, he’ll take the role of top dog for himself. With a dog as powerful and intelligent as the Rottweiler, this is a recipe for […]

[uvc-youtube id=”ZvkeXKUgRqM” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″] Socializing a rottweiler dog. Socializing a Rottweiler dog is a must for any responsible dog owner. Keep exercise to a minimum to start with – your garden should be enough until jabs are complete. Then little walks, gradually increasing each few days will be enough. PLEASE don’t overfeed your […]

[uvc-youtube id=”Heu9pWMDKYY” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″] Naughty Rottweiler playing with sugar cane. He loves to play with it.I just want to share another great video of a Rottweiler. There are a lot of dog owners who wanted their dogs to be better than other dogs and this is possible if you do a right training […]

[uvc-youtube id=”LCMyWumNc5Y” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″] Rottweiler puppy is playing with his love ones, hope you guys like it and thank you for watching.  Also the best thing would start with being so kind to them so that you can get their loyalty and attention. You can give them rewards like foods etc. Rottweiler puppy, building […]

[uvc-youtube id=”Yj7MItccBDU” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″] Rottweilers are unconditionally loyal to their handlers and their families and will defend them and their property to the end. They are protective and brave, and like many other dogs, can be jealous if attention is given elsewhere. Temperaments can however vary: some being independent, aloof and less-friendly, others […]

[uvc-youtube id=”o_U7mZcHczo” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″] I want to know what he’s feeling watching himself on the video; he’s got to be curious.  Rottweilers are actually dogs that can easily understand things and absorb what’s being taught to them.  They are one of the most admirable and perfect dogs in the house among other popular […]