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The commander and chief Rottweiler family at play. Rottweiler, always allow him to socialize with other dogs and people once in a while. This is a very effective way to ensure he won’t develop aggression session against visitors and other dogs in future.Rottweiler experts advise that the best time to start training is from two to six months old. At such a tender age, it is unlikely that the puppy will have picked up any bad habits. Training a dog out of bad habits always requires additional effort.

My Rottweiler dog is the commander in chief of his family. I really like my dog because he is adorable and good. He loves to play his puppies and also it feels like he is giving commands by playing with his Rottweiler puppies.


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3 Responses to “The Commander And Chief Rottweiler Family At Play”

  1. Annette Amsel says:

    You got the most gorgeous Rottie pack…So spoiled and so loved..<3

  2. Frank Conley says:

    Where’d you get them from. Asking because i’m looking for a good rottie
    breeder. Or do you have any you’d recommend?

  3. CmndrNChiefRotts says:

    Frank e-mail me at CmndrNChiefRotts@aol.com and we can go from there. I am
    a Code of Ethics Rottweiler Breeder.

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