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I want to know what he’s feeling watching himself on the video; he’s got to be curious.  Rottweilers are actually dogs that can easily understand things and absorb what’s being taught to them.  They are one of the most admirable and perfect dogs in the house among other popular dogs.  You can always trust a well-trained Rottie.

Rottweiler watching a youtube video. He had fun watching himself on the video.

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3 Responses to “The Most Admirable And Perfect Dog In The House”

  1. Lapuffnut says:

    Hahahah!! Aaw..

  2. OliviaOMG303 says:

    Im still sad that he’s gone

  3. OliviaOMG303 says:

    Those things r soo cute & sweet! I use to hav one. His name was Riley. I miss him soo much! He was a sweetie! RIP Riley 2003-2011 :'( I came here becuz I miss Riley

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