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Puppies are very quick to learn and pick up both good and bad habits equally fast… so make sure you teach him the right things from day one.

Training a rottweiler puppy is basically the same as training any other breed. You need to start early, use only positive reward-based training methods, be consistent, patient and loving.

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5 Responses to “Training Of Rottweiler Puppies”

  1. Spamazoid says:

    good luck with your pup. I wish i could say the same, our Rottie was rescued from a couple of bikie friends that had to move and couldn’t keep him, he wasn’t mistreated or anything but he hated other dogs to the point of being extremely aggressive but people and cats were perfectly fine, go figure. 🙂

  2. IcanbePsycho says:

    I lost my last 2 rotties of liver cancer 🙁
    I’m getting another rottie pup in about 10 days, “YIPPY”, I got him cheapish from OSCELLY ROTTWEILERS in Kyneton Vic because they can’t enter him in show’s cause he has a slight kink in his tail, (I couldn’t see it, but it’s one of many things judges look for). OSCELLY ROTTWEILERS are breeders of champion show dogs, so I know he will have good eye’s. hips, elbows, etc: and a happy life with me.

  3. Spamazoid says:

    i wouldn’t doubt that 🙂 mine was all muscle at 60kg and our vet said he wasn’t overweight but that was over 14yrs ago died of throat cancer 🙁 lost out last 2 to liver issues this time last year which were a German Shepherd and a Bernese Mountain Dog 12 yrs old each. But I have niece and nephew (2 and 4) to consider both of which would pester a new dog, hell they use to pester our last two and they were use to the kids and very patient. So in time we will get another

  4. IcanbePsycho says:

    The vet told me you can get average rotties, big rotties and then you can get some very big (massive) rotties, just like you can get some big and massive people.
    She (The Vet) said he is 10 to 15kg over weight but he will still be massive after loosing the blubber.

  5. EmilyLovesHerDogs says:

    My brother likes this breed he had one but it got shut by a police officer

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